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Black Empowerment

thru Music Initiative

Join us as we raise our voices, our instruments and our awareness, and sustain these efforts so that the troubles of today lead to lasting change & progress forever.

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Our Pledge

OUR Initiative

  • Establishing new relationships with, and continuing to support organizations that provide black students with free music education
  • Donating musical instruments to schools and music programs serving underprivileged communities
  • Providing webinars as well as one-on-one mentorship and access to industry veterans for students and aspiring professionals entering the music industry
  • Dedicating time each month for black student artists to have free recording studio access at The Royalty Network’s Burbank studio
  • Designate a quarterly “match” period, matching dollar for dollar the overall monetary contributions of its clients and contribute to a designated program in need.
  • Prioritize black student candidates for paid internships
  • Actively recruit qualified black candidates for full-time positions

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Black Empowerment Thru Music
Advisory Council

Stic of dead prez

Artist, Producer and Wellness Advocate

“Black people’s contributions have long been exploited for the benefit and success of the music business but yet we often are the least and the last to benefit in the music business. It's important that The Royalty Network ‘s Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative not only recognize this important truth but also do it’s part to address and impact the inequities that still exist. As a member of the Advisory Council I will advocate for the accountability of the actions proposed by The Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative and also do my best to share my ideas, experience and expertise to increase awareness, access and assistance for Black artists to thrive.”

Mutulu “M-1” Olugbala


“As a community organizer and artivist, I am happy to be included on the Advisory Council for The Royalty Network Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative. It is important to me that we use this platform to take practical steps that are also impactful. I intend to facilitate change by connecting emerging Black artists with songwriters and producers who can help them find their inner strength and calm and ultimately a clear and resonant voice for our community.”

Darien Bankhead

aka Boyband

"To make the changes we'd like to see in the world, we simply have to act on them ourselves. Frank and The Royalty Network recognize the equality issues for the Black community and I'm happy to aid them in their efforts in extending opportunities to us. It's important that we stay active in efforts to assure that traits such as race don't continue hindering Black artists' success."

Laze Elliott

Entrepreneur, Music Exec and Philanthropist

“I applaud The Royalty Network for launching the Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative. It is imperative that we take real and meaningful action to help emerging Black artists find their voices and be heard. I look forward to working on the Advisory Council to bring important perspective to dismantle inequities in the music business.”

Kendall A. Minter, Esq.

Partner, Taylor English Duma, LLP.

“It is urgent that we address long-time racial inequities in the entertainment business, and the financial impact of those inequities for Black artists, songwriters, producers and executives. I have had the pleasure of working with The Royalty Network for over 20 years, representing songwriters signed to the company and I’m looking forward to working with the company and its proactive and concerned executive team and the Black Empowerment Thru Music Initiative to help address these problems and to facilitate meaningful change.”

Anne Fitzgibbon

Executive Director & Founder, Harmony Program

“We’re so pleased to be included in The Royalty Network’s Black Empowerment Thru Music initiative as the Harmony Program is built on the belief that we must create sustainable programs to empower future generations of musicians and foster inclusivity throughout the music industry. I have no doubt that with the leadership of Frank Liwall, this initiative will succeed in making a real difference and I’m honored to lend my voice.”

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About Us

There is no place for racism, intolerance, or insensitivity at The Royalty Network, or anywhere in the world.

We here at The Royalty Network believe we can make a real difference in moving towards an America with greater equality, peace & harmony, not only today but for future generations. We pledge to do this by focusing on education and access across all aspects of the music industry, including business, law, performance, writing, instrument training, and more.

We remain committed to racial equality within our company and throughout the world and we are ready to do our part to turn words – and music – into action.